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2021/06/18πŸ”– drinking too much is an american problem (the atlantic)
2021/06/18πŸ”– s01 episode 8: (chinese) dudes rock (chaoyang trap)
2021/06/17πŸ”– there’s no such thing as a tree (phylogenetically) (eukaryote writes blog)
2021/06/17πŸ”– are people really wearing high heels again? (the new york times)
2021/06/15πŸ”– the secret irs files (propublica)
2021/06/14πŸ”– caught in the study web (cybernaut / every)
2021/06/11πŸ”– the failed promise of kenya’s smart city (rest of world)
2021/06/11πŸ”– maureen dowd talks 'mare of easttown' with kate winslet (the new york times)
2021/06/10πŸ”– planet hollywood origin story (esquire)
2021/06/08πŸ”– the pied piper of spacs (the new yorker)
2021/06/03πŸ”– figure skatingΒ lessons are declining. can the 2022 olympics save the sport? (vox)
2021/06/02πŸ”– the bob ross virtual art gallery (github)
2021/06/02πŸ”– inside apple’s compromises in china: a times investigation (the new york times)
2021/06/02πŸ”– liveleak cofounder on why the notorious video site shut down (inputmag)
2021/06/02πŸ”– america’s forgotten tea room filling stations (eater)
2021/05/24πŸ”– the lure of h mart (new york times)
2021/05/17πŸ”– shein: the tiktok of ecommerce (not boring)
2021/05/16πŸ”– the things we don't discuss (jill filipovic)
2021/05/15πŸ”– an exhaustive oral history of the still wild mckibbin lofts (curbed)
2021/05/09πŸ”– rivka galchen Β· a mystery to itself: what is a brain? Β· london review of books
2021/05/09πŸ”– how a fringe japanese religion built a protrump social media empire (rest of world)
2021/05/07πŸ”– pressing flesh against flesh 🀝 (did someone say emoji?)
2021/05/07πŸ”– what happened when bitcoin creator satoshi nakamoto disappeared (bitcoin magazine)
2021/05/05πŸ”– the inside story of tiktok’s tumultuous rise, nd how it defeated trump (forbes)
2021/05/05πŸ”– in reality tv defined by renovation, the self becomes settled. (culture study)