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2021/05/09πŸ”– rivka galchen Β· a mystery to itself: what is a brain? Β· london review of books
2021/05/09πŸ”– how a fringe japanese religion built a protrump social media empire (rest of world)
2021/05/07πŸ”– pressing flesh against flesh 🀝 (did someone say emoji?)
2021/05/07πŸ”– what happened when bitcoin creator satoshi nakamoto disappeared (bitcoin magazine)
2021/05/05πŸ”– the inside story of tiktok’s tumultuous rise, nd how it defeated trump (forbes)
2021/05/05πŸ”– in reality tv defined by renovation, the self becomes settled. (culture study)
2021/05/03πŸ”– new nes tetris technique: faster than hypertapping! (youtube)
2021/05/02πŸ”– what bullets do to bodies (highline)
2021/05/01πŸ”– film restoration today: the elusive perfect viewing experience (mubi)
2021/05/01πŸ”– the wrestlers fighting to build a chinese wwe (sixth tone)
2021/05/01πŸ”– the end of the road (the drift)
2021/04/25πŸ”– is prison necessary? (the new york times)
2021/04/21πŸ”– can hana makgeolli popularize the korean drink in america? (grub street)
2021/04/21πŸ”– why you can't hear the dialogue in tenet (youtube)
2021/04/20πŸ”– jdah/tetrisos: an operating system, but it only plays tetris. (github)
2021/04/18πŸ”– la brute, justin cashmore’s vr6powered 1960 renault dauphine (stance works)
2021/04/18πŸ”– losing the narrative: the genre fiction of the professional class (american affairs)
2021/04/17πŸ”– daunte wright and the myth of the dangerous traffic stop. (slate)
2021/04/16πŸ”– national parks should belong to native americans (the atlantic)
2021/04/14πŸ”– mad men recap: the nocturne of their discontent (vulture)
2021/04/12πŸ”– does wealth rob the brain of compassion? (the atlantic)
2021/04/12πŸ”– 100 greatest korean films ever (
2021/04/12πŸ”– a natural history of the film maudit (sight & sound)
2021/04/11πŸ”– "work hard, play hard" and how capitalism tricked us all (nisha's internet tote bag)
2021/04/05πŸ”– child care is too expensive. what if it were free? (vox)