a stream of the goings-on of kyle

2022/07/27πŸ”– sunset of the social network (axios)
2022/07/26πŸ”– who makes the best chicken caesar wrap in nyc? (grub street)
2022/07/25πŸ”– can brendon babenzien make j.crew cool again? (gq)
2022/07/24πŸ”– chicago, hot dog town, usa (nytimes)
2022/07/19πŸ”– the case for bad coffee (serious eats)
2022/07/19πŸ”– brad pitt’s wildest dreams (gq)
2022/07/19πŸ”– what went wrong with eleven madison park’s vegan menu (bon appΓ©tit)
2022/06/29πŸ”– cannes rules - the rebooting
2022/06/28πŸ”– how the greatest kitchen company in america won its obsessive fans (slate)
2022/06/24πŸ”– as midterms loom, mark zuckerberg shifts focus away from elections (nytimes)
2022/06/23πŸ”– inside remilia corporation (fast company)
2022/06/20πŸ”– ted sarandos talks about that stock drop (the new york times)
2022/06/20πŸ”– why a rhodes scholar’s ambition led her to a job at starbucks (nytimes)
2022/06/19πŸ”– tiger global, poster child of the tech meltdown (nymag)
2022/06/19πŸ”– the artist in csulb's new exhibit is a major donor. that's bad, and so is the art (los angeles times)
2022/06/14πŸ”– kenji tosaki talks saturn peripheral design (sega saturn shiro)
2022/06/12πŸ”– when shipping containers sink in the drink (new yorker)
2022/06/12πŸ”– downtown san francisco is on the brink (sf chronicle)
2022/06/11πŸ”– the western land rush (town and country)
2022/06/09πŸ”– how san francisco became a failed city (the atlantic)
2022/06/05πŸ”– california’s housing crisis and the fight over 20 townhomes (nytimes)
2022/06/02πŸ”– how language localization works on streaming services (vulture)
2022/05/31πŸ”– the rise and fall of cathie wood (nymag)
2022/05/23πŸ”– intro to yield farming (onchain wizard)
2022/05/21πŸ”– lehman brothers’ collapse (bloomberg)