a stream of the goings-on of kyle

2022/05/21πŸ”– lehman brothers’ collapse (bloomberg)
2022/05/17πŸ”– st javelin, lockheed & the arsenal of democracy (chartbook)
2022/05/16πŸ”– can terra escape the coupon coin curse? (damsondao.eth)
2022/05/16πŸ”– in search of chad hugo (gq)
2022/05/15πŸ”– late stage prisoners dilemma (the margins)
2022/05/08πŸ”– a messy table, a map of the world (the new york times)
2022/05/03πŸ”– the plastic paradise of tokyo’s famous kitchen town (the new york times)
2022/05/03πŸ”– noom: what is the weight loss app and does it work? (vox)
2022/05/03πŸ”– crypto is winning, and bitcoin diehards are furious about it (the verge)
2022/05/03πŸ”– the real reason international chips have more interesting flavors (eater)
2022/04/28πŸ”– the 101 best movie sequels of all time, ranked (vulture)
2022/04/13πŸ”– the story behind the bay area's legendary hot dog chain (sfgate)
2022/04/13πŸ”– why twitter’s founder is buying into crypto obsession (bloomberg)
2022/04/12πŸ”– central park has a new β€œfastest known time” (the new york times)
2022/04/12πŸ”– roy austin jr, meta’s head of civil rights (protocol)
2022/04/09πŸ”– inside the bitcoin bust that took down the web’s biggest child abuse site (wired)
2022/04/08πŸ”– the owner of angel’s share built a little tokyo of his own (nytimes)
2022/03/31πŸ”– the axie infinity hack (molly white)
2022/03/31πŸ”– the pied piper of psychedelic toads (the new yorker)
2022/03/28πŸ”– the long, strange history of antivaxxersΒ  (vox)
2022/03/22πŸ”– michelle yeoh’s quantum leaps (the new york times)
2022/03/22πŸ”– where did all the black people in oakland go? (darrell owens)
2022/03/16πŸ”– anthony mangieri on the new una pizza napoletana (grub street)
2022/03/11πŸ”– what you can learn from history's greatest jocks (gq)
2022/02/28πŸ”– j. kenji lΓ³pez alt says you’re cooking just fine (new yorker)