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2021/03/02πŸ”– inside the making of facebook’s supreme court (the new yorker)
2021/03/01πŸ”– meet the people fighting to keep a language alive online (rest of world)
2021/02/28πŸ”– david shapiro on his series β€˜untitled pizza movie’ (eater)
2021/02/28πŸ”– the endless life cycle of japanese city pop (pitchfork)
2021/02/19πŸ”– if work is going remote, why is big tech still building? (wired)
2021/02/15πŸ”– the algebra of wealth - no mercy / no malice
2021/02/15πŸ”– the unsinkable maddie stone, google’s bughunting badass (wired)
2021/02/08πŸ”– the shocking meltdown of ample hills (marker)
2021/02/08πŸ”– the gen z brand aesthetic is both disruptive and adorkable (bloomberg)
2021/02/06πŸ”– the rise and fall of bitcoin billionaire arthur hayes (vanity fair)
2021/02/05πŸ”– 3:45 pm by alisha liu (vimeo)
2021/01/29πŸ”– the facebook oversight board’s first decisions: ambitious, and perhaps impractical (lawfare)
2021/01/23πŸ”– how nothingness became everything we wanted (the new york times)
2021/01/23πŸ”– are there fun things to do in quarantine? (vox)
2021/01/23πŸ”– how to get rich sabotaging nuclear weapons facilities (big by matt stoller)
2021/01/23πŸ”– trump is the worst president in history (the atlantic)
2021/01/23πŸ”– dip 032: is it ingenuine or ingenious? (chips + dips)
2021/01/17πŸ”– papua new guinea calling (rest of world)
2021/01/15πŸ”– the man who turned creditcard points into an empire (the new york times)
2021/01/10πŸ”– the plague year - the new yorker
2021/01/10πŸ”– the sean hannity olive garden β€œpasta pass” joke, explained (vox)
2021/01/05πŸ”– hunting the hunters: how we identified navalny's fsb stalkers (bellingcat)
2021/01/05πŸ”– going way too deep down the rabbit hole with nicki minaj’s recent bar mitzvah appearance (grantland)
2021/01/05πŸ”– what the san francisco bay area can teach us about fighting a pandemic (the new yorker)
2021/01/04πŸ”– why β€˜the sopranos’ has become a generation z touchstone (nymag)