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2021/04/12📕 the art of showing up (rachel wilkerson miller)
2021/04/12📕 what is real?: the unfinished quest for the meaning of quantum physics (adam becker)
2021/03/18📕 how to lie with statistics (darrell huff)
2021/02/21📕 originals (adam grant)
2021/01/23📕 kissa by kissa (craig mod)
2021/01/15📕 white fragility (robin diangelo)
2021/01/11📕 a promised land (barack obama)
2020/12/26📕 ametora: how japan saved american style (w. david marx)
2020/11/22📕 greenlights (matthew mcconaughey)
2020/11/11📕 the deficit myth (stephanie kelton)