a stream of the goings-on of kyle

2022/07/19πŸ“• the invention of siciliy (jamie mackay)
2022/07/19πŸ“• fully present (susan smalley, diana winston)
2022/07/11πŸ“• hella town (mitchell schwarzer)
2022/07/01πŸ“• the making of a manager (julie zhuo)
2022/07/01πŸ“• on trend (devon powers)
2022/06/24πŸ“• shoe dog (phil knight)
2022/05/16πŸ“• the lathe of heaven (ursula k. le guin)
2022/04/13πŸ“• atomic habits (james clear)
2022/04/08πŸ“• cubed (nikil saval)
2022/03/28πŸ“• sweat: a history of exercise (bill hayes)
2022/03/24πŸ“• the devil's candy: the anatomy of a hollywood fiasco (julie salamon)
2022/03/19πŸ“• quit like a woman (holly whitaker)
2022/03/02πŸ“• mediocre (ijeoma oluo)
2022/02/15πŸ“• the hard thing about hard things (ben horowitz)
2022/01/27πŸ“• work won't love you back (sarah jaffe)
2022/01/13πŸ“• being you: a new science of consciousness (anil seth)
2022/01/11πŸ“• atlas of the heart (brenΓ© brown)
2021/12/29πŸ“• san fransicko (michael shellenberger)
2021/11/16πŸ“• daring greatly (brenΓ© brown)
2021/10/01πŸ“• the verge (patrick wyman)
2021/09/27πŸ“• good strategy bad strategy (richard rumelt)
2021/09/06πŸ“• coffeeland (augustine sedgewick)
2021/07/26πŸ“• diners, dudes, and diets (emily j h contois)
2021/07/22πŸ“• an ugly truth, inside facebook's battle for domination (sheera frenkel, cecilia kang)
2021/07/13πŸ“• the courage to be disliked (ichiro kisimi, fumitake koga)