a stream of the goings-on of kyle

2022/08/15🍔 spicy cherry tomato pasta (nytimes cooking)
2022/08/05🍔 sheet pan feta, broccolini, tomatoes and lemon (nytimes cooking)
2022/08/04🍔 maple miso sheet pan salmon (nytimes cooking)
2022/07/20🍔 pasta e ceci (nytimes cooking)
2022/05/31🍔 creamy spinach artichoke chicken stew (nytimes cooking)
2022/05/06🍔 greek chicken (nytimes cooking)
2022/03/05🍔 gnocchi with mushrooms and spinach (nytimes cooking)
2022/03/05🍔 earl grey sugar cookies (nytimes cooking)
2022/02/22🍔 bucatini all'amatriciana (bon appetit)
2022/01/30🍔 meatballs (frankies spuntino)
2022/01/30🍔 honey strawberry muffins (half baked harvest)
2021/12/31🍔 caesar salad (frankies spuntino kitchen companion)
2021/12/17🍔 turkey ricotta meatballs (kitchn)
2021/09/26🍔 turkey chili (nytimes cooking)
2021/09/15🍔 pan seared ranch chicken (nytimes cooking)
2021/09/14🍔 pork and ricotta meatballs (nytimes cooking)
2021/09/03🍔 buttery kimchi shrimp (nytimes cooking)
2021/09/01🍔 pinapple marinated chicken (nytimes cooking)
2021/07/25🍔 atlantic beach pie (nytimes cooking)
2021/07/09🍔 strawberry bundt cake (nytimes cooking)
2021/06/30🍔 chile roasted chicken with honey (nytimes cooking)
2021/06/06🍔 creamy kimchi dip (bon appetit)
2021/04/25🍔 roasted rhubarb cobbler (nytimes cooking)
2021/03/25🍔 noodle free chicken pad thai (real food dieticians)
2021/02/15🍔 seafood and chicken paella with chorizo (food and wine)