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2023/09/21πŸ• pronto pizza (brooklyn, ny)
2023/09/21πŸ€– paris skyline 21044 (lego)
2023/09/17πŸ”– new jfk assassination revelation could upend the lone gunman theory (vanity fair)
2023/09/17πŸ”– my impossible mission to find tom cruise (nytimes)
2023/09/17πŸ”– what happens to all the stuff we return? (the new yorker)
2023/09/17πŸ”– culture study meets bama rushtok (anne helen petersen)
2023/09/17πŸ”– small vehicles of tokyo (city of sound)
2023/09/17πŸ”– who deserves to eat at noma? (taste)
2023/09/17🍿 12 angry men (1957)
2023/09/16🍿 sleepless in seattle (1993)
2023/09/15πŸ”– a good man is hard to find (men yell at me)
2023/09/10🍿 twister (1996)
2023/09/09πŸ”– the eradefining aesthetic of "in the mood for love" (the new yorker)
2023/09/09🍿 field of dreams (1989)
2023/09/08🍿 avatar (2009)
2023/08/21πŸ”– 2023 pebble beach and monterey car week live blog (car and driver)
2023/08/15πŸ”– the migrant children selling candy in new york subways (curbed)
2023/08/13πŸ”– how far can amapiano go? (the new yorker)
2023/08/11πŸ”– pakistan cypher exposes u.s. pressure to remove imran khan (the intercept)
2023/08/05🍿 oppenheimer (2023)
2023/08/04🍿 aftersun (2022)
2023/08/01πŸ”– haiti held hostage (the new yorker)
2023/08/01β˜• houduras el puente (stumptown coffee roasters)
2023/07/21🍿 men in black (1997)
2023/07/18πŸ€– rg evangelion unit08 alpha (bandai)
2023/07/16πŸ• roberta's (brooklyn, ny)
2023/07/16🍿 inland empire (2006)
2023/07/14🍿 bicycle thieves (1948)
2023/07/13🍿 10 things i hate about you (1999)
2023/07/13🍿 electric dreams (1984)
2023/07/11πŸ€– bird of paradise 10289 (lego)
2023/07/10πŸ”– how san francisco’s openair drug dealers work (sf chronicle)
2023/07/10β˜• ethiopia mordecofe (stumptown coffee roasters)
2023/07/09🍿 jungle cruise (2021)
2023/07/08πŸ”– is dr. bronner’s the last corporation with a soul? (gq)
2023/07/07🍿 jackie brown (1997)
2023/07/02🍿 the mummy (1999)
2023/06/25πŸ”– why bay area transit sucks: bart funding (darrell owens)
2023/06/22πŸ”– where are all the guys? (in eating disorder treatment) (burnt toast)
2023/06/21πŸ“• the nineties (chuck klosterman)
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