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ongoingπŸ“– good strategy bad strategy (richard rumelt)
2021/07/30πŸ”– lesley ann warren on β€˜clue’ and tim curry (nymag)
2021/07/30πŸ”– matt damon’s disappearing acts (nytimes)
2021/07/30πŸ”– where do poppers come from? (buzzfeed news)
2021/07/30🍿 mallrats (1995)
2021/07/29πŸ”– she exposed how facebook enabled global political manipulation. (mit technology review)
2021/07/28🍿 clockwatchers (1997)
2021/07/27πŸ”– rising seas are coming for big tech campuses (npr)
2021/07/26πŸ“• diners, dudes, and diets (emily j h contois)
2021/07/25πŸ” atlantic beach pie (nytimes cooking)
2021/07/25β˜• summer blend (reanimator coffee roasters)
2021/07/25πŸ”– maureen dowd interviews uber ceo dara khosrowshahi (nytimes)
2021/07/25🍿 won't you be my neighbor? (2018)
2021/07/23🍿 fireworks (1997)
2021/07/22πŸ“• an ugly truth, inside facebook's battle for domination (sheera frenkel, cecilia kang)
2021/07/20πŸ”– collectors are as confused as you are about that $1.56m super mario 64 sale (ars technica)
2021/07/19β˜• prism blend (wonderstate)
2021/07/19πŸš— sierra rally rewind (driving while awesome)
2021/07/19πŸ”– the truth behind the amazon mystery seeds from china (the atlantic)
2021/07/19πŸ”– a privacy war is raging inside the w3c (protocol)
2021/07/19πŸ”– the biden/facebook fight is part of the problem (galaxy brain)
2021/07/14πŸ”– why peloton pays artists more per play than spotify and apple music (slate)
2021/07/13πŸ”– how supreme italia knocked off the billion dollar streetwear company (bloomerg)
2021/07/13πŸ“• the courage to be disliked (ichiro kisimi, fumitake koga)
2021/07/13🍿 it's such a beautiful day (2012)
2021/07/11🍿 adaptation. (2002)