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2021/10/18 guatemala huehuetenango (oren's coffee)
2021/10/17🔖 how kumail nanjiani got huge (gq)
2021/10/16🔖 qanon: what kind of person gets drawn to conspiracy theories? (rolling stone)
2021/10/16🍿 the room (2003)
2021/10/15🍿 the conjuring (2013)
2021/10/11 finca la esperanza (sterling coffee roasters)
2021/10/11🔖 educator's black lives matter email upends her district (nytimes)
2021/10/11🔖 free returns are complicated, laborious, and gross (the atlantic)
2021/10/09🔖 where the suburbs end (nytimes)
2021/10/08🔖 blue marriage and the terror of divorce (culture study)
2021/10/08🍿 hackers (1995)
2021/10/06🔖 the insane innovation of ti calculator hobbyists (george hilliard)
2021/10/05🍿 the cremator (1969)
2021/10/04 denizen (city of saints)
2021/10/03🍿 moonstruck (1987)
2021/10/02🍿 my dinner with andre (1981)
2021/10/01📕 the verge (patrick wyman)
2021/09/30🍿 the taking of pelham one two three (1974)
2021/09/29🔖 why is every young person in america watching the sopranos? (nytimes)
2021/09/27📕 good strategy bad strategy (richard rumelt)
2021/09/26 campfire blend (caffe vita)
2021/09/26🍔 turkey chili (nytimes cooking)
2021/09/26🍿 squid game (2021)
2021/09/25🔖 paradise lost: the rise and ruin of (inputmag)
2021/09/22🔖 confessions of a michelin inspector (luxeat)