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ongoingπŸ“– entangled life: how fungi make our worlds (merlin sheldrake)
ongoingπŸ“– backable (suneel gupta)
2021/05/09πŸ”– rivka galchen Β· a mystery to itself: what is a brain? Β· london review of books
2021/05/09πŸ”– how a fringe japanese religion built a protrump social media empire (rest of world)
2021/05/08πŸš— napa, ca to oakville,ca (breakfast club rally)
2021/05/08🍿 vanilla sky (2001)
2021/05/07πŸ”– pressing flesh against flesh 🀝 (did someone say emoji?)
2021/05/07πŸ”– what happened when bitcoin creator satoshi nakamoto disappeared (bitcoin magazine)
2021/05/05πŸ”– the inside story of tiktok’s tumultuous rise, nd how it defeated trump (forbes)
2021/05/05πŸ”– in reality tv defined by renovation, the self becomes settled. (culture study)
2021/05/05β˜• rwanda sholi muhanga (template coffee roasters)
2021/05/03πŸ”– new nes tetris technique: faster than hypertapping! (youtube)
2021/05/03🍿 ghost dog: the way of the samurai (1999)
2021/05/02πŸ”– what bullets do to bodies (highline)
2021/05/01πŸ”– film restoration today: the elusive perfect viewing experience (mubi)
2021/05/01πŸ”– the wrestlers fighting to build a chinese wwe (sixth tone)
2021/05/01πŸ”– the end of the road (the drift)
2021/05/01🍿 twister (1996)
2021/04/30🍿 titanic (1997)
2021/04/25β˜• flor del sol (pt's coffee)
2021/04/25πŸ” roasted rhubarb cobbler (nytimes cooking)
2021/04/25πŸ”– is prison necessary? (the new york times)
2021/04/22🍿 his house (2020)
2021/04/21πŸ”– can hana makgeolli popularize the korean drink in america? (grub street)
2021/04/21πŸ”– why you can't hear the dialogue in tenet (youtube)
2021/04/20πŸ”– jdah/tetrisos: an operating system, but it only plays tetris. (github)
2021/04/18πŸš— livermore, ca to sunol, ca (valt underground rally #002)