a stream of the goings-on of kyle

2022/11/18πŸ”– bottled water, and the scam of selling a natural resource (vox)
2022/11/18πŸ”– s02 episode 10: the chad to virgin pipeline (chaoyang trap)
2022/11/17πŸ”– sonya yu interview (gossamer)
2022/11/15πŸ• nolita pizza (new york, ny)
2022/11/14πŸ• upside pizza (new york, ny)
2022/11/13πŸ“• the factory (hiroko oyamada)
2022/11/11πŸ“• the order of time (carlo rovelli)
2022/11/08πŸ”– why did jamie spears push britney into a conservatorship? (vulture)
2022/11/07🍿 the shawshank redemption (1994)
2022/11/06🍿 nothing but trouble (1991)
2022/11/05πŸ”– seoul’s nightlife district was built for tragedy (curbed)
2022/11/04πŸ”– how hot ones turned spicy chicken wings into celebrity interview gold (vanity fair)
2022/11/01β˜• passion (alma coffee)
2022/11/01πŸ”– the only crypto story you need (matt levine)
2022/10/30πŸ”– rewilding #4: society of the scalper (chaoyang trap)
2022/10/27πŸ”– you're locked in a prison of trends (blackbird spyplane)
2022/10/26πŸ”– how the ipa went from craft beer darling to cringe (punch)
2022/10/26πŸ”– sysdig trt uncovers massive cryptomining operation leveraging github actions (sysdig)
2022/10/25πŸ” chicken ragu with herbed ricotta (nytimes cooking)
2022/10/25🍿 thief (1981)
2022/10/24πŸ”– a menagerie of nyc dining sheds (grub street)
2022/10/22πŸ”– nec’s tetris processor (leaded solder)
2022/10/18πŸ”– the thorny problem of keeping the internet’s time (the new yorker)
2022/10/18πŸ” cheesy stovetop mac with sausage and kale (nytimes cooking)
2022/10/17β˜• women's group bella vista (mother tongue coffee)