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ongoingπŸ“– being you: a new science of consciousness (anil seth)
ongoingπŸ“– the devil's candy: the anatomy of a hollywood fiasco (julie salamon)
2021/12/03πŸ”– being single and living alone is incredibly expensive (vox)
2021/12/03πŸ”– energy, and how to get it (the new yorker)
2021/12/02πŸ”– how an excel tiktoker manifested her way to making six figures a day (the verge)
2021/12/02β˜• capital cold brew (temple coffee roasters)
2021/11/27πŸ”– amazon's dark secret: it has failed to protect your data (wired)
2021/11/26πŸ”– the history of the cartier crash (hodinkee)
2021/11/26πŸ”– cowboy bebop, explaind (vox)
2021/11/26πŸ”– who is sam asghari, britney spears's boyfriend? (nytimes)
2021/11/26πŸ”– mrbeast’s squid game simulation is perfect youtube content (jame cohen)
2021/11/25🍿 mean girls (2004)
2021/11/24🍿 addams family values (1993)
2021/11/16πŸ“• daring greatly (brenΓ© brown)
2021/11/14πŸ”– ghost guns - new york times
2021/11/13🍿 wedding crashers (2005)
2021/11/12🍿 a river runs through it (1992)
2021/11/10β˜• space traveler (steady state roasting)
2021/11/09πŸ”– this man is the jeff bezos of the international drug trade (torontolife)
2021/11/09πŸ”– revolt of the goldman juniors (nymag)
2021/11/08πŸ”– the subtle look and overwhelming feel of today's misogyny (culture study)
2021/10/29πŸ”– the real c.e.o. of β€œsuccession” (the new yorker)
2021/10/29πŸ”– tinderbox excerpt: inside hbo when james gandolfini was king (vulture)
2021/10/26πŸ”– who gets to blend in, who gets to break the rules? (virginia solesmith)
2021/10/24πŸ”– the many saints of newark review: a disappointing sopranos prequel (avclub)
2021/10/23πŸ”– the huge hidden cost of holding a movie during covid (nymag)
2021/10/23🍿 the many saints of newark (2021)