a stream of the goings-on of kyle

2023/06/01πŸ”– how to hire a pop star for your private party (the new yorker)
2023/05/30πŸ”– memoirs from the old web: ie's crazy content rating system (hugo landau)
2023/05/30πŸ”– when digital nomads come to town (rest of world)
2023/05/30πŸ”– inside the fight for kickstarter's union (the verge)
2023/05/30πŸ”– generation lifeless (jessica defino)
2023/05/27🍿 the sisterhood of the traveling pants (2005)
2023/05/22β˜• ubuto karuzi burundi (mother tongue coffee)
2023/05/20πŸ“• the organized mind (daniel j levitin)
2023/05/20πŸ”– the dave matthews guide to living and dying (gq)
2023/05/20πŸ”– the death of fancy ketchup (taste)
2023/05/13πŸ”– spiraling in san francisco’s doom loop (curbed)
2023/05/13🍿 mishima: a life in four chapters (1985)
2023/05/11πŸ“• seeing like an artist (lincoln perry)
2023/05/11β˜• del agua (steady state roasting)
2023/05/10πŸ”– where the sidewalk ends (lux magazine)
2023/05/10πŸ”– andreessen horowitz's state of crypto report (molly white)
2023/05/08πŸ” basil chicken fettuccine alfredo (half baked harvest)
2023/05/08β˜• tightrope (highwire coffee roasters)
2023/05/06πŸ”– how judges rule america (big by matt stoller)
2023/05/05πŸ”– inside the delirious rise of β€˜superfake’ handbags (the new york times)
2023/05/04β˜• tanzania pea berry (bean and bean coffee roasters)
2023/05/03πŸ• parlour (oakland, ca)
2023/05/03πŸ”– millennials are doing just fine (the atlantic)
2023/05/03πŸ”– the web's most important decision (the history of the web)
2023/05/03🍿 interstellar (2014)