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ongoingπŸ“– work won't love you back (sarah jaffe)
ongoingπŸ“– the devil's candy: the anatomy of a hollywood fiasco (julie salamon)
2022/01/13πŸ“• being you: a new science of consciousness (anil seth)
2022/01/11β˜• east coast espresso (panther coffee)
2022/01/11πŸ“• atlas of the heart (brenΓ© brown)
2022/01/08πŸ”– the burning desire for hot chicken (the ringer)
2022/01/08πŸ”– my first impressions of web3 (moxie)
2022/01/08🍿 as good as it gets (1997)
2022/01/06πŸ”– notes from the end of a very long life by new york's oldest (nytimes)
2022/01/05β˜• sunbeam (common voice)
2022/01/03🍿 no country for old men (2007)
2022/01/03🍿 old (2021)
2022/01/02πŸ• f&f pizzeria (brooklyn, ny)
2022/01/01🍿 love actually (2003)
2021/12/31πŸ” caesar salad (frankies spuntino kitchen companion)
2021/12/30πŸ• my little pizzeria (brooklyn, ny)
2021/12/29πŸ“• san fransicko (michael shellenberger)
2021/12/26🍿 the matrix resurrections (2021)
2021/12/25🍿 a christmas story (1983)
2021/12/24🍿 four christmases (2008)
2021/12/23πŸ”– 2021 in pictures (cnn)
2021/12/23πŸ• cheese (amici's east coast pizzeria)
2021/12/23🍿 looper (2012)
2021/12/21🍿 14 peaks: nothing is impossible (2021)
2021/12/20πŸš— santa cruz to woodside
2021/12/18🍿 kill bill: vol. 1 (2003)
2021/12/17πŸ”– peloton, valuations, and innovation (margins)