a stream of the goings-on of kyle

2022/09/22πŸ”– these 12 secret power players are shaping sf bay area housing market (sfchronicle)
2022/09/19πŸ”– espresso yourself (monocle)
2022/09/19🍿 howl's moving castle (2004)
2022/09/18πŸ”– why do new cars look like this?? (blackbird spyplane)
2022/09/18πŸ”– the dave barry theory of winning the presidency (danielle kurtzleben)
2022/09/18πŸ”– how the bass pro shops pyramid became a memphis icon (outside)
2022/09/18πŸ”– why the proud boys’ violence is the new normal for the gop (rolling stone)
2022/09/17πŸ”– tokyo mods (sabukaru)
2022/09/16πŸ”– the sears ac commercial that will never die (the ringer)
2022/09/15πŸ“• the secret life of groceries (benjamin lorr)
2022/09/15πŸ”– the sordid saga of hunter biden’s laptop (nymag)
2022/09/14πŸ“• why have there been no great women artists? (linda nochlin)
2022/09/14πŸ• a16 pizza (oakland, ca)
2022/09/13πŸ”– jann wenner wants to reveal it all (nytimes)
2022/09/12πŸ”– antitrust and the fall of a cheerleading giant (matt stoller)
2022/09/12β˜• capital cold brew (temple coffee roasters)
2022/09/12πŸ”– in hasidic enclaves, failing yeshivas flush with public money (nytimes)
2022/09/11🍿 ratatouille (2007)
2022/09/07🍿 in the mood for love (2000)
2022/09/05πŸ”– is alternateside parking a mistake? (curbed)
2022/09/05πŸ• rotten city pizza (emeryville, ca)
2022/09/04πŸ”– life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? (chartbook)
2022/09/04πŸ”– don’t mess with megan thee stallion (the cut)
2022/09/04πŸ”– how β€˜jiro dreams of sushi’ changed american expectations of omakase (eater)
2022/08/30πŸ€– mighty dinosaurs 31058 (lego)