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ongoingπŸ“– backable (suneel gupta)
2021/04/18πŸš— livermore, ca to sunol, ca (valt underground rally #002)
2021/04/18β˜• high five blend (sparrows coffee)
2021/04/17πŸ”– daunte wright and the myth of the dangerous traffic stop. (slate)
2021/04/16πŸ”– national parks should belong to native americans (the atlantic)
2021/04/14πŸ”– mad men recap: the nocturne of their discontent (vulture)
2021/04/12πŸ”– does wealth rob the brain of compassion? (the atlantic)
2021/04/12πŸ”– 100 greatest korean films ever (
2021/04/12πŸ“• the art of showing up (rachel wilkerson miller)
2021/04/12β˜• ethiopia guji shakiso natural (souvenir coffee)
2021/04/12πŸš— sebastpool, ca to duncan mills, ca to healdsburg, ca (breakfast club rally)
2021/04/12πŸ“• what is real?: the unfinished quest for the meaning of quantum physics (adam becker)
2021/04/12πŸ”– a natural history of the film maudit (sight & sound)
2021/04/11πŸ”– "work hard, play hard" and how capitalism tricked us all (nisha's internet tote bag)
2021/04/05πŸ”– child care is too expensive. what if it were free? (vox)
2021/04/05πŸ”– the mysterious case of the f*cking good pizza (vice)
2021/04/05πŸ”– the mental health therapy app fantasy (the cut)
2021/04/02πŸ”– the revolution in classic tetris (new yorker)
2021/04/01πŸ”– the pandemic is heightening diet culture for men (elemental)
2021/04/01πŸ”– 'friends' at 25: the prescience of chandler bing's job (the atlantic)
2021/04/01πŸ”– r. kikuo johnson’s β€œdelayed” (the new yorker)
2021/03/29β˜• ethiopia benti nenka (red giant coffee roasters)
2021/03/29πŸ”– after a remote year, tech’s shadow workforce barely hangs on (wired)
2021/03/27🍿 toys (1992)
2021/03/26🍿 eurotrip (2004)
2021/03/25πŸ” noodle free chicken pad thai (real food dieticians)